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[edit] VIN identification

In 1981, Vehicle Identification Numbers (VINs) were standardized using a seventeen digit system. Prior to 1981, manufacturers used VINs unique to their own company. Understanding these codes can be very helpful, but decoding them can be difficult. The purpose of this page is to list resources to aid in identifying these codes. In 1981, The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration decided that "all over the road vehicles" being sold must contain a *17-digit alphanumeric Vehicle Identification Number, then again in 1987, the VIN Labeling process had another "upgrade" whereas automotive manufacturers were required to label certain parts on a vehicle in order to help prevent theft and fraud. This also enabled insurance companies and government organizations to track VINs and their title brands, as well as keep records of the vehicle's history.

[edit] Multi-make VIN decoders

  • ISO VIN decoder
  • VIN Checker, decodes most vehicle Identification Numbers (domestic and import)
  • Domestic Cars VIN Decoder Domestic Vehicles - Vin Decoder
  • Hotrod VIN decoder (1965 - 1973 only). AMC, Buick, Chevy, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, and Mopar muscle car decoder. They say they are working on Ford.
  • Old Car Facts, provides basic decoding (year, make, model, body style) for 46 different makes, including most domestic VINs after 1946, and most major import VINs after 1965. Has only partial support for 1963-1967 Jeep trucks and 1975-1977 Toyota.
  • VIN wiz, decodes most 1950-1980 US car and truck VINs (GM/Ford/Mopar/AMC/Jeep/IHC).
  • DecodeThis, classic and modern car VIN number decoder. It worked great with 1981 and up VINs but may be unable to decode older VINs.
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)Information from
  • VIN Decoder, from Vehicle History. Includes everything from Acura to Volkswagen.

[edit] American Motors

[edit] Chrysler

[edit] Ford Motor Company

[edit] General Motors

[edit] Buick

[edit] Cadillac

[edit] Chevrolet

[edit] Dodge

As of 1-17-2015 neither link worked.

[edit] Oldsmobile

[edit] Pontiac

[edit] Jeep

[edit] Import vehicles

[edit] Audi

[edit] BMW (aka Bavarian Motor Works)

[edit] Honda Cars and Trucks

[edit] Honda Motorcycles

[edit] 1979-'95

From 1979 to 1995 Honda had a 11-digit VIN, e.g. RD023600883

  • R: cc (A=up to 50, D=up to 70, H=up to 80, J=up to 125, K=up to 150, M=up to 250, N=up to 400, P=up to 600, R=up to 800, S=up to 800)
  • D: type of motorcycle (B=kids bike/ATC, C=Street, D=Enduro, E=OHV/Offroad bike - not street legal, F=Scooter)
  • 02: internal production number (here NX650 Dominator)
  • 3: version
  • 6: series
  • 00883: serial number

[edit] 1996-up

From 1996-up Honda has a 17-digit VIN, e.g. JH2RD07ABTM000992 or JH2RD07A1YM417129

  • JH2: country of production (JH2=WMI Honda Japan, 1HF=Honda America, ZDC=Honda Italy, VTM=Montesa/Honda Spain)
  • RD07A: type (here Africa Twin)
  • B: version
  • 1: control number (1-9 or X)
  • T: year (T=1996, V=1997, W=1998, X=1999, Y=2000, 1=2001 ... 6=2006)
  • M: factory (M=Hamamatsu/Japan, K=Kumamoto/Japan, A=Ohio/USA, F=Atessa/Italy, *E=Barcelona/Spain
  • 000992: serial number

[edit] Jaguar

[edit] Mazda Cars and Trucks

[edit] Mercedes

[edit] Nissan

[edit] Porsche

[edit] Toyota

[edit] Volkswagen

[edit] Related resources

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