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The Crankshaft Coalition Wiki runs on wiki software (the same type of software used to power Wikipedia, the world's largest free encyclopedia).

Anyone can change, edit, or add to any of the articles in the wiki. This is, in most cases, A Good Thing -- it allows us to leverage the power of collective intelligence to construct a hotrodding how-to encyclopedia.

However, it also means that you need to take everything with a grain of salt. This wiki does not represent the ultimate, errorless authority on any topic. Actually, neither does any hotrodding book, magazine, website, person, or any other source of information.

We've found that the average wiki article is typically superior to (and more credible than) the average forum discussion. We also actively monitor and review all new updates to the wiki.

Nevertheless, this wiki is written by people, and people will occasionally make errors. As always, when researching any topic, the best policy is to collect information from a variety of sources.

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