Taurus 2-speed fan control wiring diagram

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by: Cobalt327, Crosley, GypsyR, Rickracer
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[edit] Overview

This is a fully automatic control system (so there's nothing to remember to turn on or off), with an optional manual override to turn the fan on high. It does turn off the low side when the high side comes on, and it can be altered to include a low speed temp control switch or manual override as well, simply by replacing the ground on terminal 86 of the bottom relay with your own low speed temp switch, controller, or manual override switch.


[edit] Temperature switches

Temp switches that can be used in the above wiring diagram (temps in degrees F):

  • SUM-890017 for the 185° on/170° off switch.
  • SUM-890018 for the 200° on/185° off switch.
Summit p/n 890017 temp switch, p/n 890018 looks identical

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