Removing lug nut locks

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by: 123pugsy, Cobalt327, Crosley, Eloc431962, Jon, Tfreeland, Timothale
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How to remove lug nut locks from wheels on a car?

  • Go to the hardware store, and buy a BIG nut that will fit over the lug nut. Wet some old towels and line the wheel then get out the arc welder and weld a good bead. Let it cool and take off the lug nut.
  • Grind a notch in the nut, and use an air chisel against the notch to unscrew the nut.
  • Take a deep 12-point socket that almost fits onto the lug nut, and beat it on with a hammer. Remove the nut while it's still in the socket. This may ruin the socket.
  • Use a Snap-On locking lug nut remover, ~$50.
  • The star key may fit into the slot in more than one way. If you know someone with locking lug nuts, you may be able to use their key to go in the slot enough to get the nut loose.
  • Use a nut splitter.
  • Use an air chisel on an angle, with the tip of the chisel against the key opening.
  • If you have none of the above then you can use a big hammer and a hand held chisel.Use the chisel to start a slot in the nut, then place the chisel in the slot and take the hammer and hit it. You will have to hit it pretty hard sometimes but once it starts to turn then you got it.
  • use a Dremel tool to grind two flat spots on opposite sides of the locknut then use a good vice grips to remove.

(Be sure to always wear your safety glasses when doing this type of work to protect yourself from flying debris.)

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