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[edit] Summary

John Deere Blitz Black is enamel paint manufactured by Valspar Paint for John Deere for the purpose of painting tractors and farm equipment. It's popular among hotrodders for the following reasons:

  • It's inexpensive.
  • It has a reputation for extreme durability.
  • It provides the look of a primered "rat" or "traditional" hot rod (described as: "flat clear", "suede", "satin", or "semi-gloss").
  • It's easy to touch up.

Although John Deere Blitz Black paint can be applied with typical materials, John Deere recommends using their own primer and reducer. The paint and the primer are typically around $30 for a gallon, and the reducer is about $15 for a quart. JDBB products also come in spray cans.

[edit] Application

  1. If the existing paint isn't peeling or doesn't have large amounts of rust, then no primer is necessary. Sand with extra fine grit sand paper, wipe with a clean cloth and apply JDBB paint.
  2. Final gloss depends heavily on how well the paint is mixed (better to over mix then under mix).
  3. For spraying with an HVLP gun, use a 1.4 or 1.5 tip.
  4. If a primer is needed, JDBB primer is recommended (it's available in spray cans, quarts, and gallons). Wait 36 hours after applying primer to apply paint.
  5. John Deere thinner is needed, at a mix ratio of 8 parts JDBB paint:1 part John Deere thinner (The Blitz Black can recommends a mix ratio of 10:1 paint to thinner).
  6. For faster-drying and harder paint, John Deere hardener can be used. It's available in pints. When using the hardener, the mix ratio is 8 parts JDBB paint:1 part John Deere thinner:1 part John Deere hardener.
  7. Spray one light tack coat, wait 10-15 minutes, then shoot the full wet coat.
  8. Wait no longer than 3 hours to apply a second coat. However, one coat with the 8:1:1 paint-thinner-hardener ratio should be adequate.
  9. A gallon will easily cover a small car.

[edit] Can you paint over John Deere Blitz Black paint?

According to John Deere, yes, you can paint over JDBB paint with another coat of primer and/or enamel paint.

However, the wording of the above statement is disputed. While you "can" paint over JDBB paint, it should be done with implement paint only, as a 2K primer, base coat, or urethane single stage will strip. Any enamel (acrylic or alkyd) would likely work. If the paint was activated with a high-enough solids activator and then sat long enough, it may be possible to shoot a urethane single stage over it, and you may be able to use a urethane primer if careful. For more information, see: Hotrodders Bulletin Board forum post.

[edit] Notes

  • Striping of the paint is thought to be caused by the reducer drying too fast. To eliminate striping, some people recommend using regular enamel reducer instead of the John Deere reducer for a slower evaporation rate.
  • Hold the gun at a 90 degree angle to the surface and keep a 50% overlap.
  • If striping (tiger striping) becomes noticeable individuals have reported success by spraying less paint per pass and using a lot of overlap (90% overlap) and switching directions on each coat (horizontal then vertical).
  • John Deere Blitz Black paint can't be applied to high heat areas such as engine blocks, headers, or pipes. Also, it will not retard rust.
  • Some people report success applying it to fiberglass.
  • Urethane primer or epoxy primer may also be viable as undercoats for JDBB paint.
  • Some say that JDBB paint is subject to fading and chalking over the years.
  • Opinions are mixed on using a clear coat over JDBB. Some say that it can be applied if a flattening agent is used. For a glossy look, wet sanding and buffing are recommended.

[edit] Part numbers

Part numbers may vary for different regions. California has been specifically mentioned as a place where JDBB may be difficult to obtain, or may be sold under a different part number.

  • John Deere Blitz Black paint: TY25669 (Formerly TY6416)
  • John Deere Primer: TY25659 (Formerly TY6457)
  • John Deere Reducer: TY25650 (Formerly PT158)
  • John Deere Hardener: REN3001 (makes it much more durable)

Additional part numbers/updates:

  • Low VOC Blitz Black paint: TY25825 (1 gal), TY25826 (1 qt)
  • Regular Blitz Black paint (not Low VOC): TY25642 (1 qt)
  • Buff Primer-Sealer: TY25659 (1 gal), TY25649 (1 qt)
  • Regular Reducer (not Low VOC, not Fast Drying): TY25650 (1 gal), TY25652 (1 qt)

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