How to remove a VW Type I body

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by: Jon, MrPhotographer06
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To remove a VW Type 1 Body (beetle) first you must determine where you would like to place the body. Then move your entire car to that position. Laying under the edge of the car you will see roughly 9 bolts per side under the edge of the floor pan. These bolts screw into the bottom of the heat channels on the body. Remove these 9 bolts and brackets and then move to the frame head and you will see 2 more bolts per side. Remove then move into the hood and remove the gas tank. below you will see again 2 more bolts . Remove them and while your there disconnect the steering column's 2 bolts to the stering box and the brake lines that are connected to the top of the master cylender. Then If your engine is removed this task is much easier . 2 more bolts are located in the rear fender well. Depending on the condition of the body your working on the fenders may already be removed if not remove them. Then If the engine is removed take the starter wire and pull it back through its hole in the rear fire wall. All the wires stay in the body. Now if your front spare wheel trough is solid jack the car up from that point and once it clears the tunnel slide aprox. a 7t foot 4x6 under the body balancing it on the tunnel. Then move to the rear. place a 5 foot 4x6 on the jack and jack on the point where the body is ground level where the engine was. Then jack the body till it is level and also clears the rear firewall and over the tunnel. Then slide another 7 ft 4x6 under that point. Now that the body is off, use jackstands or mini sawhorses to jack it up to at least 26 inches above the ground. Then roll your chassis out from under the body.

For 1975 and later models with Fuel Injection, you will also have to disconnect all the wires from the engine coming through the rear firewall on the side opposite the starter wire. Also, for at least the 1975 Beetle that I'm working on there are four to six more bolts to remove located under the rear seat.

On all beetles there are more bolts under the rear seats on the above indicated position, along the rear edge under the seat.

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