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by: Cobalt327, Jon, Slowride66
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[edit] Resources

[edit] Overview

There are Many ways to post pictures on a forum. Each forum has its own formats.

So for this I will use as my platform.

[edit] What is needed

Most typically you will need a digital camera.

You will need to download your image files to your computer.

[edit] Set up

Basically you can make small or big images.

[edit] Small images, or thumbnails

To make small images at the bottom of a post that- when you click on them- will get larger:

  1. Click on the Post Reply button
  2. Scroll down until you see a button marked Manage Attachments. Clicking on it will produce a Manage Attachments drop down window with five Choose File buttons.
  3. Click a Choose File button to browse your computer for an image file to upload. Search around until you find the images you wish to upload, then click on the images.
  4. Once you click on the image, it will disappear & bring you back to the Manage Attachments drop down window.
  5. Repeat up to five times total, then Click on the Upload button. This may take some time depending on you computers speed & your ISP.
  6. Then click on one of two Close this window button.

Repeat 2-6 if there are more images you want to upload.

If you get a red warning message at the top of the Manage Attachments drop down window, most of the time it will tell you the size is too large & must be resized smaller.

Be considerate some of the people who frequent the forum still have slow ISP's, dial up even.

With the slow ISP viewing a large image may take a long time and will slow down considerably how long it takes for that person to open a thread.

After the download to your computer, you will need to make sure the image is no larger then 680 X 420 pixels. It will not upload unless it is this size or smaller.

If you use Windows there is a FREE picture re-sizer from Microsoft. Click this link to take you there.

[edit] Big images

The difference between small and big images is:

Small images- when uploaded as described above- will produce a small yet expandable thumbnail that allows the reader to look at if they wish to.

A big image is already expanded in the text dialog area therefore not giving the option of the reader of whether or not they want to click & look, it is already there.

In order to post a big image, the image has to already be hosted on the internet.

You can upload your pixs to your Photo Gallery. Then find the image you want, click on it until it as big as it will get.

Then right click on it, you will get a pop up window. Scroll down to the bottom to Properties and click on it.

Then in the area indicated as the URL you will need to copy it (Ctrl + C).

Then you will need to go to the thread you wish to post in and click on the Post Reply button then above the post text field area where the post is typed there will be a small yellow icon. Click on that.

You will get a pop up box.

Paste the URL in that box, then click OK.

Then if you did everything correctly when you click the Preview Post button you will see the image along with any text that was added to the post field.

Then after you are done imputing your text and are satisfied with your creation press the Submit Reply button.

[edit] To post pictures from somewhere else on the net is pretty much the same.

Open at least two tabs or windows, one for where the picture coming from and one for where the picture is going to.

  • Right click on the photo.
  • Scroll down to Properties, highlight & copy the URL, then switch tabs or windows & click on the little yellow icon as before and paste the URL there.


Just paste the URL hyperlink right into the text dialog input page.

[edit] From a Photobucket account

There will be a link that will automatically load the hyperlink by clicking one button, then follow the steps above.

[edit] Resources

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