How to make a custom dashboard

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by: Cobalt327, Jon, Mmopar0521
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[edit] Overview

Building a custom dashboard or instrument panel "insert" can be done using a variety of materials and methods. One way is discussed below.

[edit] Dash panel insert formed from sheet aluminum

This panel was built to fit in the location of the stock instrument panel. The empty hole is where a 2-1/16" digital speedometer mounts to keep it hidden, thus making the tachometer the more prominent gauge.

Most stock instrument panels can be removed from the dash panel, and a new panel cut from 1/8" aluminum. Each gauge in the panel shown below was hand wired since, as is the case with most new cars, this one had the gauge panel controlled by the PCM on a data bus. Lots of work, but the end product appears 'old school'.

Dakota Dash.JPG

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