Ford 9-inch rear ends

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[edit] Alterations to the Ford 9 inch

In order to install a pre-load brace, you will have to build a strong fixture to hold the housing while you apply force to the housing ends. You can begin by purchasing 3" diameter x 1/4" or 3/8" wall tubing and cutting it into two six foot lengths. Cut a 16" X 16" square piece of 1/2 inch plate, place the center section over the plate and mark out the bolt pattern. Then after center punching the bolt hole centers, use the drill press to drill the holes to 7/16".

Brace in place.jpg

Center plate bolt pattern.jpg

Mark out the center line of the two six foot lengths, measure equal distant 8 inches for the 16" x 16" plate to lay on the cross pieces. Measure the distance between the two parallel pieces, cut two pieces of 3" diameter round tubing to this dimension and weld it using a stitch method, so as not to warp the fixture. Cut two appropriate pieces of 2" x 3" rectangular tubing, measure out from the center line noted above to the axle flanges and weld in the two cross pieces. Looking closely at the U-bolt picture, notice how the two angle irons keep the axle tubes centered in the fixture and how the U-bolts are mounted through the clamping plate.

Housing in fixture.jpg

U bolts in place.jpg

After all welding is completed, lay the fixture on a flat surface, shim as required, place the housing in the fixture, bolt down the center section, place the U-bolts over the axle tubes, put the pre-load brace in place, measure from the outside flange to the outside flange, record the measurement. Then turn down the U-bolts, which, in turn, will apply downward pressure to the axle tubes, re-measure from flange to flange, if the NEW figure is approximately 1/4 inch LONGER, start stitch welding the pre-load brace to the rear axle tubes. Watch the heat and watch for warping. Weld from side to side in small stitches. Let everything cool entirely before pulling out of jig, and you're done.

[edit] Truss for strength

If you don't have the tools or skills to make the parts, check the parts resources below. Also, Ruff Stuff makes a truss to do the strenghtening part. The shaped outline is made for the nine inch rear, all you have to do is use the jig to torque the rear housing, then weld up the slotted portion and weld the truss onto the housing.

9 inch factory truss.jpg

[edit] Ford 9" rear end photographs

9 in case.jpeg

9 in rear.JPG

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