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by: Cobalt327, Jon
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I am building a '68 Camaro and I already have a 454 that is bored .060" over, an Eagle forged rotating assembly, a .540"/.540" Comp cam and hydraulic lifters, I have a Doug Nash 5 speed with a Long vertigate shifter. I have a Lakewood bellhousing and I've already purchased a Ram billet flywheel, Ram clutch, and a Ram pressure plate. The bearing surface for the throwout bearing on the tranny is about 1.37" OD. My question is what throwout bearing am I going to need to use? I've talked to the tech line at Summit and they have no clue, I called Richmond and they were absolutely no help, and I just want to get this right, so if anybody can help me, I would really appreciate it.

Doug Nash 4 plus 1 race tranny

You should be able to use a standard big block throw out bearing, the OD of the transmission input shaft bearing retainer should be the same unless it was changed, as it is interchangeable with a Borg Warner T10. To be sure call Richmond Transmission support and/or check the manual.

I am in the process of putting a Chevy app Richmond 4+1RR in my 71 AMX (using the new style shallow AMC Lakewood bellhousing) and had decided to use a hydraulic T/O bearing (tie it in with my line-lock & 3-step) and found that the input shaft housing is the same as the Super T10, even had the T10 part number on it. As you have probably already found out by now. I also have most of the DNE manuals from back in the day if anybody needs a scan of a diagram. Richmond is NO HELP at all. There were several mods needed to make the Chevy trans/Howe hydro T/O brg/shallow Lakewood/AMC group work together. AMCers let me know of you need the info. dhoelcher(at)gmail(dot)com

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