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by: Cobalt327, Jon, Zildjian4life218
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[edit] Overview

Here is a great cheap DIY way to use a controller to control your electric fan setup.

[edit] Procedure

You basically use a dual temp switch from a BMW: they are available in 180/195 degree F and 195/210 degree F.

Then, a dual fan relay controller from a Volvo. The material referenced below says '94-'97 model 850. The material also has schematics to show you how to wire it.

This should provide a cheap and effective way to control an electric fan, so you don't have to worry about it. Most people would wire it off the ignition switch or a separate toggle. However, this way, on a hot day if you stop the car and shut it off, the fan will be able to stay on until the coolant is cool enough and the fan won't turn on until the temp is high enough, which will help the motor warm up quicker.

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