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[edit] Overview

Contact adhesives are adhesives that are generally applied to both surfaces to be glued, and allowed to dry a little before adhering together. Contact adhesives are common in automotive interior work.

[edit] Spray guns

A low-cost spray gun from Harbor Freight, suitable for shooting contact adhesive.

Professional interior work typically necessitates the use of a spray grade adhesive, applied with a spray gun and air compressor. You will need a 1.8-2.2 mm nozzle. One inexpensive example is this $20 paint spray gun, available from Harbor Freight. The gun pictured is a conventional siphon feed spray gun that has external mix, meaning the adhesive and air are mixed at the end of the nozzle. This feature keeps the gun from getting full of adhesive. You can keep the adhesive in the gun cup for long periods of time and still be able to spray right away, without having to empty the cup and clean the gun.

Although aerosol cans of contact adhesive are convenient, they aren't recommended for overhead applications, and lack the strength of spray grade contact adhesives because they have to be thinned down to flow properly out of the can's nozzle.

After the initial cost of a spray gun purchase, bulk adhesives will always be more cost-effective than aerosols.

[edit] All-purpose glues

Many common all-purpose glues may not be the best choice for interior automotive work. Such glues may expand, bubble, and foam.

However, certain products are engineered for automotive work, and are recommended.

[edit] Removing contact adhesive

[edit] Contact adhesives suitable for automotive work

[edit] DAP Landau Top & Trim Contact Adhesive

Available for about $32 per gallon. This product is also available in 5 gallon cans at about $90 per can, or about $18.00 per gallon.

[edit] Performance Hi-Temp Trim Spray Adhesive

[edit] 3M Automotive adhesives

[edit] Hi-Strength 90 Spray Adhesive

[edit] 8090 super trim adhesive

Designed for bonding vinyl tops, heavyweight liners, and hood silencer pads.

[edit] 8088 general trim adhesive

Low VOC, clear adhesive for bonding carpeting, jute pad, fabrics and plastics to metal.

[edit] 3M product links

[edit] V&S 1081

Formulated for high-temperature applications.

[edit] HV-350

HV-350 is designed for high-vibration applications. It can be sanded and painted, and maintains its adhesive and sealant properties in water. Can be used on porous and non-porous surfaces.

[edit] K-Grip

[edit] Kwik-Spray

[edit] Using contact adhesive to glue foam together

Kwik-Spray and K-Grip adhesives, useful for glueing together foam.
Contact adhesives can be used to glue foam together. Landau Top & Trim Contact Adhesive is specifically recommended for this, as is K-Grip and Kwik-Spray. The latter comes in two different formulations: a heavy viscosity 225 and a 220. These adhesives can be sprayed from a regular spray gun but a Critter spray gun is especially useful because its container is a standard Mason jar. To change glues, simply switch jars, and cap the one not being used.

EZE TB 2A Spray Gun with the metal cup

Another small spray gun that works well with K-Grip and K-Spray is the EZE TB 2A sprayer from Chick Tool Co. It is designed specifically to spray these types of glue, and is less expensive than the Critter Sprayer. It also comes with either a plastic cup or a metal cup. Choose the model with the metal cup. K-Grip and Kwik-Spray are useful in foam-to-foam applications because they produce less fumes. In addition, they don't need to be perfectly dry to put the two pieces of foam together, and aren't as aggressive as the top and trim adhesive, while being equally effective at holding foam together. These two products are perfect to glue fabric, vinyl, leather, and Ultraleather to sew foam.

[edit] References

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