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Details on how to remove decals.


[edit] Tools

  • Eraser wheel.
  • Heat gun (may be risky).
  • Hair dryer.

[edit] Crud removal air tool

Like a pneumatic angle grinder, but designed for rotary stripping discs. Used for removing seam sealers, rust, paint, and underbody coatings. Used with an eraser wheel for pinstripe and decal removal.

[edit] Eraser wheels

  • 3M Stripe Off Wheel -- designed for removing decals, graphics, and tapes. Optimum speed is 2,000 RPM. About $30.

[edit] Solvents and cleaning fluids

Can generally be applied with a spray bottle, and used in conjunction with one or more of the tools mentioned above.

[edit] 3M Woodgrain and Stripe Adhesive Remover

3M Woodgrain and Stripe Adhesive Remover -- For cleaning off adhesive residue after removal of woodgrain vinyl or vinyl stripes. Can be used on all acrylic enamel painted metal surfaces.

[edit] References

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