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by: Cobalt327, Techinspector1
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BG Six Shooter max induction system SBC


[edit] Barry Grant instruction manuals

[edit] Selection guide

[edit] Page with links to All BG manuals:

[edit] Demon carbs

Demon 98 Manual

King Demon Manual

Mighty Demon Manual

Race Demon Manual

Road Demon Jr. Manual

Road Demon Manual

Speed Demon Manual

Choke Kit Instructions

Idle EZE Instructions

Crate Engine Demon Manual

[edit] BG fuel systems

170025 2-Port Regulator

170023 4-Port Regulator

170013 BG220HR Fuel Pump

170002 BG280 Fuel Pump

170012 BG220PS Fuel Pump

170001 BG400 Fuel Pump

130014 Air Density Meter

176300 Beltdrive Mount Kit

120083 Vacuum Secondary Spring Kit

BG Baseplates

171020 & 171021 BG Diaphragm Bypass

170020 BG Fuel Log

170021 BG Fuel Log

170031 BG Fuel Log

142115 & 142116 Banjo Fittings

170055 Dry Break Fuel Filter

140055 56 & 57 Dual Feed Inlet Kits

Billet Race Metering Blocks

Billet Replacement Metering Blocks

190004 Carb Rebuild Kit 4150

171100 Fuel Safety Shut Off Valve

170044 King Enduro Fuel Pump

170042 King Sumo Fuel Pump

170043 Mighty Enduro Fuel Pump

170041 Mighty Sumo Fuel Pump

180300 Power Stepdown Box

160005 Tunnelram Linkage Kit

160010 Blower Carb Linkage Kit

178000-178002 BG Heat Sinks

[edit] Nitrous Works

Nitrous Works General Instructions

Direct Nozzle Nitrous

13098 Ford Focus Kit

13099 Ford Kit

13007 Mustang, Ford PU

13070 GM LT-1 Kit

13015 GM TPI Kit

13090 Sport Compact Kits

Jetting Tables 13090-93

13075 LS-1 Adjustable Kit

16032 MAXPAK Bottle Heater Kit

15100 Mr Mister Nitrous System

13005 Mustang EFI Kit

13095 Neon PowerWing Kit

41005 Nitrous Fill Station

Nozzle Installation

13045 & 13065 GM TBI Kit

Pop off Valve Instructions

13097 PT Cruiser Kit

Safety Control Bracket

13080 Single Nozzle Kit

13100 2 Stage EFI Kit

[edit] Rush

Rush Filter Assembly

Rush Filter Cleaner Kit

[edit] Triple D Induction






7530 SixShooter-Ford

7540 SixShooter-Ford




7600 Badman

7503 Six Shooter MAX SBC

7700-7707 Econo-Comp 4BBL SBC

7800-7802 Pro Twins SBC

9808-9809 Triple Deuce SBC

9810-9811 Four Deuce SBC

9816-9817 Four Deuce SB Ford

9812-9813 Six Deuce SBC

9818-9819 Six Deuce SB Ford

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